Mr. Rose Email April 3, 2020

Good Morning Cousino Band Families,

As I am sure you have already heard, school will be closed for the remainder of the year, unless restrictions are lifted. While I know this is not the announcement that many of us did not want to hear, this is the right call to keep us all safe. I have a few questions that have come in today that I would like to answer and explain.

Marching Band is still a go for next year. I have had many e-mails asking if marching band is cancelled. No – we are hoping that everything will remain the same for next school year, including band camp. Speaking ofband camp, packets and registration information will be e-mailed by Monday at the latest (hopefully sooner). There are a few changes that need to be made, but all of that information will be available soon.

Another question I have gotten quite frequently is what do I do with my school owned instrument, or can I get my instrument from the school (for shame…for shame)! I cannot let anyone into the school currently. I am working on a plan for senior instrument turn in, instrument check out, and tuxedo check in. I have social distancing and sanitation protocols all figured out, but I have to wait until cases are on the decline in our state. I am looking at mid-May to work that all out. Please wait for an e-mail at the end of April/beginning of May for information.

One more question I keep getting is what is happening to the Spring Concert. With the cancelation of school comes the cancellation of the concert. While I know many students would like to have their one final concert, I do have a solution pending where we are in a few months. If we are permitted to meet before August, I plan on having a “Concert on the Lawn” type concert. Students from this year’s band program will work on a few pieces in a few rehearsals over the course of a week, and then that would culminate with a concert at the end of the week out on our field. That way we can still get a concert in for those that would want to participate, and we could honor our seniors with their final playing of the fight song. We will know more about this in a month or two. I will keep you posted.

Finally, I would like to host a few Zoom video calls to provide help to students, or even to just give them an opportunity to see your classmates for 30 minutes. We will do this on next Tuesday, April 7th. This is completely optional. The times will be as follows:

Cadet Band – 10 am

Concert Band – 10:30 am

Symphonic/Jazz Band – 11:00 am

Below are the links. Simply go to the following link at the time required to join. You may have to sign up for a Zoom account.

Cadet Band -

Concert Band -

Symphonic/Jazz Band -

We will also have our first section leader meeting on Thursday, April 9th at 11 am. This will be required for our leadership team for next year. If there is a conflict, please let me know via e-mail. I will send out Zoom information to all of you this weekend in a personalized e-mail.

I hope you are all staying safe, and that you are spending some time practicing every day! I have been working on my trombone playing, much to the dismay of my trombone playing wife. Now is the time to improve, and not just in music. Take time every day to read, walk, and play! J

Miss you all!

Mr. Rose

This email has been sent via Charms Office Assistant on behalf of:

Cousino High School Band 30333 Hoover Rd Warren, MI 48093

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