Mr. Rose Email 3/21/2020

Good Afternoon Band Families,

I hope you are all being safe and are practicing every day!  I have a few important announcements that I need to send to you. 

First all music has been scanned in and is available in the google drive located below.  You just click the link, and then go into your class folder and all of your music is there.  Just a few quick notes

  • Concert Band – One of your pieces is not in my possession, however it is in smart music.  Read the instructions below to find out how to access. 

  • Symphonic Band – Slava! Is already in your folders, so it has not been uploaded

  • Jazz Band – Goodbye Pork Pie Hat and Absoludicris are already in your folders, so they have not been uploaded.  However, Absoludicris has been uploaded into Smart Music.

  • Percussionists – I used a randomizer to assist me in choosing parts for you, plus I tried my best to make sure everyone rotates and is not stuck on triangle for 3 songs.  The document is in the google drive

  • Cadet Band Flutes – Rita will play piccolo on American Big Top, Abby will play piccolo on Ruckus.

Next, Smartmusic has activated out free accounts.  I did my best to “assign” (don’t worry, it is not a grade or even required) the songs that we are playing to the Smartmusic accounts.  If you are looking for stuff to work on, they have sight reading, scale exercises, solos, chamber music, and many other band pieces that are free for you to access.  Also, within the next week, composer Brian Balmages is going to be posting videos on there of himself conducting his music for you to play along to.  If I read everything correctly, he is going to assemble a virtual band where you can upload your video and he will compile them into a huge virtual band.  This is free for you too.  Play around with Smartmusic and let me know how you like it.  If it is something that you will use in the future, I have no problem asking the district to cover the cost.

Here is how you activate your account:

  1. Go to

  2. Click login (top right corner)

  3. Click “New Smartmusic”

  4. At the bottom of the log in, it says “I’m a student.  I need to join a class”

  5. Enter your e-mail and class code (see below)

  6. Follow the prompts and enter your information

Here are the class codes:


Concert - KVMNC-L3HFF

Symphonic - VGQCV-KTYRZ

Jazz Band - LE6WQ-7X42K

We have a few things that will be sent out soon regarding marching band for next year.  In a few moments, section leader candidates will get an e-mail from me to sign-up for phone interviews this upcoming week.  Please sign up ASAP so that I can interview you.  They should only take 5-10 minutes. 

Our drum major candidates are currently uploading videos that I will send out to you tomorrow/Monday of them conducting and answering why they want to be drum major.  We will be doing online voting on who our next drum majors should be.  Remember to watch all videos and critique them.  Vote for the 3 people that you believe will be the BEST to lead our band program. 

Hints have started being posted on social media regarding next year’s show.  Feel free to check and comment on what you think the show could be.  Pending the results of this outbreak and how long we will be off school, I may decide to reveal the show early (sometimes we need a little bit of happiness in these uncertain times).  More will be revealed later on.

Don’t forget that auditions for symphonic and jazz band are due to me by this Wednesday!  I hope to have results posted soon.  You can submit videos on Charms or through e-mail (

I do have bad news regarding our band trip. 

Due to many of the venues being closed in Cleveland, including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Bowling Green State University, Great Lakes Science Center, The Cleveland Symphony, and more, along with the unknown of the current virus - it is with regret that we cancel our upcoming Cleveland trip.  For those that did not purchase insurance, I will keep you updated on what will be next regarding refunds.  There is a process that I need to go through, and we are starting that today.  Bob Rodgers will do everything in their power to get as much money you paid back, so please be patient.  Again, if you have any questions - please forward them to me only - and do not post any false information on social media.  

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  Happy Practicing, and wash your hands. 

Jason Rose

This email has been sent via Charms Office Assistant on behalf of:Cousino High School Band 30333 Hoover Rd Warren, MI 48093

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