Be Ready For Band Camp!


I would like to offer just a few tips and words of wisdom about band camp. These are important to follow so that we are ready to go with minimal injuries and student sickness.

1. Bring your own water bottle! We will have water available, but it is best to have your own bottle

2. Bring your own sunscreen! I prefer the spray because it is easy to use and quick to apply. We are outside all day – you will get burnt on day 1 if you do not apply!

3. Wear closes toed athletic shoes. We spend the majority of our day on our feet, wear good shoes that are supportive. Inserts have also been used to help with back support. Sandals are going to hurt!!!

4. I recommend musicians ear plugs. Mrs. Rose gets upset all the time because I have poor hearing (ask me one day about the trombone incident in high school). Think about investing in some hearing protection. I recommend the following brand (as do other band directors and professional drum corps) -

5. Start drinking water now! This will help students stay hydrated during camp.

6. Start getting a full nights sleep now! Put the video games away early and start resting – this will also help your body during band camp week.

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