Pistons Performance - 12.7.18

Here is our itinerary for our performance at the Pistons game for Friday:

4:30 – Bus Departs Cousino (if you are taking it)

5:00 – Arrive at LCA

5:45 – Performance on Concourse 6:10 – Exit LCA and drop instruments off on bus 6:30 – Re-enter LCA and enjoy the game

9:30 – Meet at entrance and head towards the bus

10:00 – Arrive at Cousino

Since we are taking 2 buses and they will no be at capacity, we will be taking instruments on the bus with NO TRAILER.

Bus Reservations and Payment to Mr. Rose has been extended to 11.30.

All the questions you have about this Event can be answered within this Blog Post.

Last year, the Cousino Marching Band had the pleasure of being the 1st band to ever perform at Little Caesars Arena. This year, we will be performing before the game on Friday, December 7th. This is an optional performance. In order to participate, everybody (students included) needs to purchase a ticket.

Tickets are $30, which gets you in to our dedicated Cousino section.

The Pistons will also donate a portion of ticket sales to us (last year it was over $1000).

You can order your tickets at pistons.com/cousino.

A flyer for you to share with your friends and family can be downloaded here.

Q: Is this mandatory?

A: No – this is an optional event.

Q: Who needs to purchase a ticket?

A: Everyone (including myself). This includes the kids as well – nobody gets past security without a ticket. In return, they give us a portion of the ticket sales from those that purchase from us.

Q: Can only band families purchase tickets?

A: NO! Everyone is welcome to attend!

Q: How can I go about purchasing tickets?

A: Go to pistons.com/Cousino and purchase them there. Only that website counts towards the portion they donate back to us.

Q: What is the schedule for the day?

A: We arrive at 5, perform at 5:45, end our performance around 6:10, return our instruments to the trailer and then reenter to watch the game.

Q: Wait a second, you mean we are going to return our instruments to the trailer, and then go back and leave the trailer unattended?

A: We have someone who takes the trailer back to the school after our performance to guarantee our equipment and personal belongings are safe.

Q: Is there a bus?

A: GOOD QUESTION! Last year we made the bus optional, but you had to pay for the seat. Due to the popular demand of this, we will be doing this again this year. If you would like to ride the bus, the cost is $8/person. ANYONE may ride, including your guests. Money is due by November 30th – just send the cash (or check made out to Cousino Band Boosters) to Mr. Rose by that date. Please also make sure your child tells me how many seats you need (better yet, write it on the envelope…sometimes we forget)! If you would like to drive yourself, go for it! Whatever is most convenient for you!

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