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Volunteers Needed!

Good Morning Band Families,

We need to step it into high gear with CHARMS for volunteers. Everyone should now have access and be able to sign up for any volunteer positions. We need your help! Please take a moment to go through and see what you can help us out with. We understand you all have busy schedules and sometimes things change. If you sign up and find out you can't make it, simply go back into charms and delete your name or contact me to let me know. Having a list of volunteers makes it easier for us to plan our events and eases our minds knowing that it is covered.

For each home football game we need we need 6 volunteers for gate monitors, 5 volunteers for pit crew and 10 volunteers for uniform distribution and collection.

What are gate monitors and what do they do? These people will report to the uniform room (located in the band room) at 5:45-6pm on home game days. They will be provided a red vest and will be assigned a gate. At these gates they will monitor for kids trying to get in without paying or passes, but ultimately they will keep watch to let the band in or out safely. One of these parents will rope off the section in the bleachers for the band prior to home games.

What is Pit Crew? These people are to report to the band barn (Time to be determined) to help load ladders, stands, field markers, and flags to take over to the field. Just before half-time they will place the ladders and field markers out for the show. After the show is completed they will then load up the golf cart trailer and take the ladders and field markers back to the band barn. After the game is over we will then load up the golf cart once again with the rest of the stands to take back to the band room or barn.

What is Uniform Distribution and Collection? We typically have one adult stand at each of the sections to help with the uniforms. They make sure that they aren't getting tossed around, mixed with other sections, and fit appropriately. The collection of uniforms is making sure they are hung back on the hangers not shoved in the bag, and placed in the correct section. We will also have a parent or parents collecting the plumes and one parent for the hat boxes as well.

In order to have our band program be a success, we as parents need to make sure we volunteer our time as well. If each parent would volunteer at least 10 hours throughout the school year Mr. Rose would be able to brag once again how great his band program is along with how great his parents are. We're a family and families need to work together to be Bold, Appreciative, Nourishing, Determined.

I'm looking forward to working with all of you throughout the school year.

Thank you, Sarah Hutton Cousino Band Booster President 2019-2020


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