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Recruitment Concert 1/22/2020


With the elimination of 5th grade band and the district wide area concerts we will be putting on a recruitment concert for the Cousino feeder path on Wednesday, January 22nd. All 5th grade students at Cromie, Wilkerson, Wilde, and Black will be in attendance, as well as all band and choir students from Carter, and the ones zoned to attend Cousino from Carleton.  This is important because the following week is when the incoming 9th graders make their class choices

Our students have already been excused that day from 1st-4th hour to put on the concert at the PAC. Students from the symphonic band, jazz band, choir, drumline, and the entire marching band will be featured during a 1 hour concert. Students will be back in time to eat lunch and finish out their day. We are looking forward to meeting the future of the Patriot Bands and Choirs.


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