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In the Band Room of Cousino High School

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Sergeant-at-Arms: Jenniffer Griffith


Trustee 1: Carmela Rudd

Trustee 2: Jennifer Simons

2020/21 Band Booster Board:



President: Jodie Sikorski                                                 

Vice President: Cindy Banaszak  

Secretary: Liana Voss 

Treasurer: Kelly Stevenson

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To be eligible for a Booster Club Board Position:
  1. Must be a Paid Member of the Cousino Band Booster Club
  2. Must Have a student who is both currently enrolled and a Member of the Cousino Band Program during the term of office
  3. Only One member of a household may be a Officer at a given time
  4. A Member may only run for one office position per election

Term of Office

July 1, 2020

- June 30, 2021

President Responsibilities:

  1. Preside at all meetings of the club, set agenda and ensure written agenda is provided to the general membership at meetings

  2. Call special meetings

  3. Approve disbursements of club funds in accordance with the band booster budget, with approval of other officers, Band Director, and/or administrator

  4. Meet regularly with Band Director and/or administrative staff appointee

  5. Act as official club spokesperson regarding club matters by maintaining line of communication with pertinent school and district personnel

  6. Act as Band Projects Chairperson of Cousino Booster Club

  7. Enforce observance of the Cousino Band Booster by-laws

  8. With Officer concurrence, appoint committee chairpersons when needed

  9. have the tie-breaking vote on any motion or vote

Secretary Responsibilities:

  1. Take the minutes of all meetings, including attendance and provide copies for the next general membership meeting

  2. Read the minutes of the previous meeting, if requested

  3. Maintain files, to include minutes and information on all yearly activities

  4. Assist President with band booster business in any way


Trustees Responsibilities:

  1. Coordinate with the vice-president

  2. assist the president with band booster business in any way.

Vice President Responsibilities:

  1. Preside at meetings in the absence of the President

  2. Disburse approved funds in the absence of the President

  3. Aid the President with band booster business at all times

Sergeant at Arms Responsibilities:

  1. Maintain order at meetings follows Roberts Rules of Order

  2. Assist president with band booster business in any way.

Treasurer Responsibilities:

  1. Be responsible for collecting/depositing all club funds

  2. Disburse club funds approved by the officers or general membership

  3. Keep all banking and financial accounts up to date, including necessary signature cards

  4. Maintain records of all income/disbursements and provide a written financial report for all general meetings and as requested by the President or general membership.

  5. Provide a profit/loss statement after each special event/fund raiser for review by the Officers as requested

  6. Provide State of Michigan/Department of Commerce; federal agencies with necessary reports.

  7. Prepare financial records for audit at the end of each school year.

  8. Assist President with band booster business in any way.

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